Pasir Putih Activities

Snorkeling Trip to Menjangan Island

Duration: 4 - 5 hours | Departure: Morning

Included: Equipment, English speaking guide, lunch and mineral water

As a part of Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island is well known for its magnificent underwater world and beautiful coral reefs. There are over 12 sites to choose from at Menjangan with good conditions and excellent visibility. This tour takes around four hours and two different sites will be visited. The lunch will be enjoyed after the first snorkel site, either on the boat or on the island. A guide will show you all Menjangan has to offer and will make sure you have a comfortable trip.

Diving Trip to Menjangan Island (for certified divers)

Duration: 4 - 5 hours | Departure: Morning

Included: Two dives, equipment, English speaking guide, lunch and mineral water

Menjangan Island has some of Bali’s best coral reefs, wall-diving and snorkelling sites, teeming with a spectacular marine life and famous for its lack of currents and the great visibility, which extends to 30 metres at particular times of the year. Here you can view some of the best soft corals, sponges, and Bali’s greatest diversity of gorgonian fans – which attract huge numbers of small reef fish including brightly coloured parrot fish, yellow back fusiliers, powder-blue surgeon fish, damsel fish, puffer fish, unicorn fish, barracuda and silvery jacks. The walls plummet deep into the ocean floor so there is always plenty to see. Diving is done in small groups; with a maximum group size of four divers per guide. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and is serviced regularly to keep it in its best condition. Bali Hai Diving has been operating on Bali for 20 years and has a 100% safety record.

PADI Scuba Courses

We are a very proud member of PADI and offer a full range of PADI courses. As a PADI 5 star centre you can be guaranteed of getting the best of service and training from our experienced instructors in our impressive facilities such as our 3 metres deep diving pool. We maintain a policy of a maximum student to instructor ratio of 4:1 to insure quality training for all of our PADI courses. All of our PADI courses are complete with PADI manuals, our fantastic divers log book, lunch, water and top notch instruction in a stunning environment!

  • Scuba Diver Course - Essentially half of the full Open Water Course: 2 Days / 2 Ocean dives
  • Open Water Course – The most popular entry level course: 3 Days / 4 Ocean dives
  • Advance Course – Take your knowledge to the next level: 2 Days / 5 Ocean dives
  • Rescue Course - Prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques: 2 Days / 3 Ocean Dives
  • Divemaster Course – The first level to becoming a dive professional: 2 – 4 weeks

Discover Scuba Dive @ Menjangan Island

Duration: 5 - 6 hours | Start: Morning

Included: Two dives, equipment, English speaking guide, lunch and mineral water

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you. While not a scuba certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. After shallow water training and a thorough explanation, your instructor will take you to a maximum depth of 12 meters for you to enjoy all wonders the sea has to offer.

Kayak rental

Explore the beautiful waters of Bagul Bay in your kayak. The bay offers protection from the wind and this makes the bay a perfect place to kayak on mirror flat water. We offer single and double kayaks that accommodate either a single person or a small, family of four.

*Life vests available upon request

SUP rental

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the newest hype and is a very relaxed way to be active. Paddle along the mangroves and forest; if you have a good eye you might even spot a turtle. Wind still conditions make the bay the ideal place to try this new sport.

Mountain bike rental

Visit the local village and explore by yourself or take a guide to go on the trails. Mountain bikes are rented per half day or full day.

Salt Flats & Hot Spring Trail

This trail starts in the direct vicinity of the resort and allows you to explore the area around the resort. The terrain is quite flat and is suitable for inexperienced cyclers. The trail leads you along the coast through mangroves and salt flats and gives you an insight in how people in this area work and live. Mangroves are salt tolerant trees and are adapted to life in harsh coastal conditions. They contain a complex salt filtration system and complex root system to cope with salt water immersion and wave action. The trail passes through the salt flats, where seawater is pumped into basins to let it evaporate. The salt is collected and then processed to be packed. Towards the end of the trail is a small “factory” where the final stages of the process can be observed. After the salt processing “factory”, you can decide to spend some more time in the salt flats or continue the trail towards the hot springs. Follow the road uphill and turn right onto the second “gangway” which passes some home stays and will eventually lead to the road towards the hotel.

Horseback riding

Duration: 1 or 2 hours | Departure: Morning or afternoon

Included: English speaking guide and horse

Experience the beauty of the national park on horseback. A stable of faithful Australian horses who know these woods almost better than we do will take you into the jungle! Take in the views of the jungle and beach, guided by trained staff who tailor each trek to suite your riding ability. We recommend early morning or late afternoon for horse trekking, to avoid the heat of the mid-day sun.



Jungle Trekking National Park

Duration: 3 hours | Departure: early morning or late afternoon

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide and mineral water

This is an easy hike that lasts around three hours, depending on your choice, and is guided by a certified Park Ranger that will explain about the different kinds of plants and animals that are found in this area. You will hike the jungle and cross a small river where water only flows during rainy season. Along the way, you will have a chance on seeing some species of animals inhabiting the jungle such as monitor lizard, wild chicken, birds and monkeys

Dolphin Tour in Lovina

Duration: 2 ½ hours | Departure: 4.30 am | Return at MDR: 9.30 am

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide and water

This trip will take you to Lovina, a larger village a one-hour drive away. From there, you will depart on a boat to find the dolphins. Scour the sea in search of these wonderful animals and enjoy being out on the water.

*Even though sightings are frequent, dolphins are a wild species. Therefore, we do not offer any guarantees of sightings.

Bird Watching Tour

Duration: 3 hours | Departure: upon request

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide and mineral water

Bali Barat National Park is home to approximately 160 species of tropical birds, both migratory and endemic, one of which is the famous Bali Starling. From seed-, insect- to fish-eating species, all can be found here either along its monsoon habitat or coastal mangrove swamp.

The Bali myna is critically endangered, and the wild population has been close to extinction since at least 1994. As of 2015, less than adults are assumed to exist in the wild, with about 1,000 believed to survive in capacity. Trade even in captive-bred specimens is strictly regulated and the species is not generally available legally to private individuals. There are currently three locations on Bali where the birds exist in the wild: the West Bali National Park; Bali's small island of Nusa Penida and Bengawan Foundation's breeding site at Sibang adjacent to Green School.

Mangrove Tour Gilimanuk Bay by boat

Duration: 2 ½ hours | Departure: upon request

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide and mineral water

This tour explores the mangroves in Gilimanuk Bay and offers a great view of the mangroves while enjoying a relaxing boat ride. Many species of animals can be seen, amongst which are the blue kingfisher. Although the tour can be organized at any time of the day, it is recommended to do it either earlier in the morning or in the late afternoon. 

Mangrove swamps protect coastal areas from erosion, storm surge (especially during hurricanes), and tsunamis. The mangroves' massive root system are efficient at dissipating wave energy. Likewise, they slow down tidal water enough so its sediment is deposited as the tide comes in, leaving all except fine particles when the tide ebbs. In this way, mangroves build their own environtments.

Temple Tour - Malanting, Hot Spring & Pabean Temple

Duration: 2 ½ hours | Departure: upon request

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide, mineral water,donation to temples and Sarong

Behind the Melanting temple you can find the Puncak Manik, or Hot Spring temple. A small temple, build around a sacred spring, high up in the hills. You have to climb hundreds of steps, but when you have reached the top, you are rewarded by a magnificent view.

On the grounds bordering the ocean is Pura Pabean, where local fishermen come to pray for safe journeys. The temple exhibits an unusual blend of Balinese and Chinese style decorations.

Next, you will visit the Malanting temple (temple of traders and business) where the traders and businnessmen come to ask for fortune and good luck. Because of its rich, historical architecture and its very special location, this is the best local temple to visit, Dating back to the 15th century, it is located on the slopes of Mount Pulaki and is surrounded by tropical forest and local vineyards. During a visit to the temple you can get a deep spiritual experience and enjoy the natural tranquillity of its beauty without hustle and bustle unfortunately normally associated with visiting other temples. Late afternoon (around 5 pm) is normally the best time to visit.


Safari Tour in Prapat Agung

Duration: 2 ½ hours | Departure: upon request

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide and mineral water

Drive into the heart of the West Bali National Park, along the western coast of Prapat Agung peninsula. Largely occupied by monsoon and savannah, Prapat Agung is home to many varieties of Bali Barat species, making this peninsula the main zone of the park conservation. It shows several species of vertebrates such as kera hitam (black monkey), kera abu (macaque monkey), menjangan (barking deer), kancil (mouse-deer), babi hutan (wild pig), kucing hutan (wild cat), reptile biawak (giant lizard) and green jungle owl, eagle and owl.


Half day excursion - Visit Banyumala Waterfalls, Munduk Village, and Bandar Hot Spring

Duration: approximatelly 6 hours | Departure: morning or afternoon

Included: Transportation, English speaking guide, mineral water, and entrance fees

Banyumala Waterfalls

In the Banyumala Waterfall area, you will see two waterfalls that seem very similar to each other. Hence, Banyumala is known with its name, "Twins Waterfall". The Calmness of this waterfall will make you want to relax in this place even more while enjoying your sweet time under the sun. It is usually less crowded compared to others waterfalls. Some may see this place as a place to swim and some may enjoy photography session as it is very picturesque place!

Munduk village is a small mountain village, located between 500 to 1200 meters above sea level and with an average temperatures of 20o C to 25o C. With a population of 6,200 people, the village of Munduk Village has a rich story.

Legend tells that it was settled by people from the mountains who were escaping an invasion of ants. Several clans then moved from Klungkung to resettle in Munduk Village 200 to 300 years ago.

The sacred hot springs "Air Panas" of Banjar are set in the midst of the jungle in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, close to Lovina Beach, and it consist of three public and one private pool. The Sulphuric water is aof volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degree celcius, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic disease.



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