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News Letter

NEWS LETTER - RELAXING SILENT DAY WITH SHOOTING STARS One of the most unique cultural holidays on the island of Bali is the Hindu New Year, it falls on 25th March 2020. It is celebrated with 24-hours of silence and self-reflection. Preparations for this auspicious occasion begin several days in advance. On the day before, a Bhuta Yudna ritual is performed in villages all around the island. This is a symbolic ritual to repel negative energy from any evil spirits that may be lurking around and seeking to cause harm to the island of Bali and its inhabitants. Large monster effigies made from bamboo and paper are noisily paraded throughout the streets by the young men of each community. Known as ogoh-ogoh, these statues represent all of the evil creatures of the underworld.


If you are looking to experience the sensation of staying overnight during the holy day in a comfortable and quiet setting, you can do so at Menjangan Dynasty Resort. Our “Relaxing Silent Day with Shooting Stars” package is priced at just IDR 4,070,000 for a two-night stay in an exclusive Beach Camp Tent surrounded by the beauty of nature. This exceptional deal entitles you to a flavourful dinner and a rejuvenating 60-minute spa treatment for two people. To enhance this restful getaway, we also provide a shuttle bus at 5pmto enjoy the ogoh-ogoh parade with our compliments.


NEWSLETTER – SD N 4 BATU AMPAR Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to how companies manage their business practices to positively influence and support society around them. At Menjangan Dynasty Resort, our own CSR program involves various social and environmental initiatives that benefit the people in our local area. For 2020, one such endeavour that we have committed to is renovating the local elementary school (SD N Batu Ampar in Pejarakan village). We hope to refresh and upgrade all classrooms so that they are more conductive to learning. The aim is to create a more comfortable and healthier environment for both students and teachers alike.



As an emerging tourist destination, Buleleng is blessed with a number of unique attractions. One example is Banyuwedang Hot Spring Pool in Gerokgak District of West Bali. Visitors are immediately presented with a beautiful natural landscape located close to the boundary of the West Bali National Park. This seaside hot spring is surrounded by a mangrove forest that serves to prevent coastal abrasion. The hot spring itself contains sulfur and the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius. Local residents believe that this spring has powerful health benefits and can cure various skin diseases such as tine a versi color, scabies, ringworm and so forth.

During your stay at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, a visit to Banyuwedang Hot Spring Pool comes highly recommended. The healing waters at this site will relax your body, mind and spirit in natural setting by the sea. It is only 1.6 kilometers from the resort. Open daily from 7am to 9pm, entrance to the hot spring is priced at just IDR 10.000 – 20.000.This area has been designated by the Provincial Government of Bali to be developed into a site for health and recreational tourism.



Clean Menjangan Island (CMI) is a routine clean-up program conducted by six resorts in the West Gerokgak District of West Bali. This collaborative effort involves participants collecting plastic waste from the area that is detrimental to the environment. Chaired by Resort Manager of Menjangan Dynasty Resort, I Kadek Susastrawan, this initiative has received lots of positive attention from the surrounding community. During its last programin January 2020, CMI participants managed to collect 423 kilograms of plastic waste.


Buleleng Events in 2020

Buleleng refers to the regency that covers the top end of Bali. While still considered an emerging tourist destination, it is a hidden gem with many natural and cultural attractions just waiting to be experienced. Below is a list of events that are scheduled to take place in Buleleng throughout 2020. 

Odalan at Meduwe Karang Temple / 8th & 9th February 2020

Meduwe Karang Temple is located in Kubutambahan village approximately 12km from the city of Singaraja heading in an easterly direction. Built close to the sea, the temple is a site of worship for followers of the Hindu faith and is blessed with a beautiful view. The anniversary ceremony for this temple will be conducted over two days and will include elaborate offerings and cultural performances.

Melasti Ceremony / 22nd March 2020

An annual melasti ceremony is conducted as a prelude to Nyepi Day. It involves sacred temple objects being paraded to the nearest beach to be purified in the cleansing waters of the sea.


Ogoh-Ogoh Parade/ 24th March 2020

On the eve of Nyepi Day, ogoh-ogoh parades can be experienced in most villages around Buleleng. This event involves giant monster effigies being carried along the streets to represent all of the evil spirits of the underworld.


Megoak-Goakan/26th March 2020

Megoak-Goakan is a traditional dance that is unique to the people of Panji village. It showcases the artistry of Bali’s rich cultural heritage and is usually performed to mark the arrival of Nyepi Day. The term Megoak-Goakan is derived from the name of the black crow, which is a mighty bird of prey. The dance it self is a historic re-enactment of Ki Barak Panji Sakti, known as a hero of Buleleng, Bali who conquered the kingdom of Blambangan in East Java.


Singaraja Anniversary/ 30th March 2020

This year is the 416th anniversary of Singaraja City. Celebrations will showcase local cultural attractions along with sporting activities, social initiatives and other from of entertainment. The theme of this event draws inspiration from Indonesia’s diversity, where the country is has been built upon different ethnicities, customs and religious beliefs.


Cultural Parade / 30th March 2020

A cultural parade held to honour the 416th anniversary of Singaraja promises to be a festive event. It will feature aspects of local dance, music and traditions with performances by participants from nine sub-districts. The parade is expected to be bigger and better than ever before and attract spectators from all around Bali. 



Buleleng Arts Festival / 17th – 21st May 2020

The Buleleng Arts Festival is a timely reminder for Balinese people to celebrate all forms of local art. It also aims to preserve the island’s cultural heritage as well as encourage local artists to expand their artistic endeavours by creating new and innovative works.


Buleleng Twin Lake Festival / 17th – 21st June 2020

The Twin Lake Festival is now an annual event that supports tourism development in Buleleng by drawing attention to the natural, cultural and spiritual potential of the area. This year’s festival will take place at Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. It will include activities such as farming and agricultural exhibitions, yoga, trail running, fishing, assorted competitions, traditional performances and live music by local bands.


Buleleng Cultural Festival (Gerokgak) / 23rd – 26th June 2020

This particular festival gives different groups of artists from the sub-district of Gerokgak a creative platform to express themselves. It is also a tool to maintain community spirit and inspire young people within the area to be resourceful and imaginative.  


Pasraja Festival 2020 / 1st – 4th July 2020

As a local folk art and cultural event, the Pasraja Festival pays tribute to Balinese ancestors and the artistic traditional of a bygone era. It promotes community spirit and encourages the next generation of aspiring artists to remember their roots.



ACI - ACI Subak / 1st July 2020

Unique to Sudaji village, this traditional ritual symbolically honours local agricultural produce such as bananas, coconuts, yams, fruits and various handicrafts that are signature to the area. 


Ngrebeg Tradition / 6th July 2020 

Ngrebeg is a traditional ritual in Sudaji village that involves a barong being paraded through the streets from temple to temple at dusk accompanied by gamelan music.  


Bukakak Tradition / 7th July 2020

Ngusaba Bukakak is a gratitude ritual where by the people of Sudaji village express their appreciation to Ida Sang hyang Widhi Wasa / Goddess of Fertility for her blessing of a bountiful harvest.



Buleleng Festival / 2nd – 6th August 2020

This colourful event highlights performing arts, particularly the traditional dances,that are related to the rich cultural heritage of Buleleng.



Buleleng Fesrida / 26th – 29th August 2020

Preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of Buleleng is the foundation of this event. It involves as mass performance of the Pendet dance by young girls from the Seririt sub-district.



Buleleng Aset / 18th – 21st September 2020

The aim of this event is to build community spirit within the various villages of Buleleng. It encourages the younger generation to take pride in where they come from through dance, music and other cultural traditions. Sustainable tourism practices in the area will also eventually lead to more employment opportunities.


Lovina Festival / 27th – 30th September 2020

The Lovina Festival is a community event devoted to welcoming yachts, seafaring vessels and other explorers of Bali’s northern coastline. All festival activities arecentred on the seashore around Kalibukbuk and Kaliasem villages.


Buleleng Mekorot Festival / 28th – 29th September 2020

The Buleleng Mekorot Festival is a kite-fighting event that dominates the skies of North Bali. The mekorot is a battle of agility with kite owners on the ground trying to out-manoeuvre and cut off their opponents. It is a cultural traditional that takes advantage of the Bali’s seasonal winds.   



Pemuteran Bay Festival / 3rd – 6th October 2020

Pemuteran Coastal Village strives to be recognized as a model for Community Based Village Eco-tourism. This festival focuses on land, sea and cultural conservation.




Buleleng Bali Dive Festival / 21st -26th November 2020

This event aims to promote Buleleng as one of Bali’s best dive destinations, while also promoting community awareness about the importance of preserving coral reefs. It promises to be a lively week filled with art and cultural activities in the Teja kula and Buleleng areas.




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